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[Sunday July 30th, 2006 ]
I just wanted to share an upcoming movie that looks freaking amazing and has Sufjan playing in one of the trailers. The movie is called Little Miss Sunshine and they use Chicago in the second trailer http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox_searchlight/littlemisssunshine/hd/ . go check it out, the movie looks great.
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[Saturday July 22nd, 2006 ]
So I just have to say that I am so flipping excited to go and see Sufjan in October. I'm already freaking out right now, and it's July. If anyone's from Portland and going, I know I will be there. ahh, I can't wait.

Oh and Hi, I'm new. I love Sufjan, okay, really like times one hundred. My coolest friend/bf Cameron intrudeced me to Sufjan. He played Come On Feel the Illinois for me and ever since I heard that song I've been in happy love with his music. Ahh, I can't wait for October!
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[Saturday September 24th, 2005 ]

no one joins this community because people are making other ones and posting about them in the other community. it makes me sad that no one joins this. but i don't really want to advertise this where a bunch of people will flip out or something because i'm not a fan of putting hats or red eyes on my sufjan icon.

tell all your friends about this place. fo sho.
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Hey, I LOVE SUFJAN [Tuesday September 13th, 2005 ]

[ mood | creative ]

Illinois + Michigan are of course lovely but recently I've been LOVING Seven Swans and A Sun Came, especially the songs We Are What You Say, A Winner Needs A Wand, Dumb I Sound, Jason and Joy! Joy! Joy! off the latter. He's so dreamy and deep, and cute!

I'm a Londoner, and would love to make some friends who are into Sufjan, comment my blog and I'll add you (it's friends only right now!).

4have no fear

[Tuesday September 13th, 2005 ]

I just made an entry in the other sufjan community about my experiences. however, since there are only oh, 4 of us in here I'll take more time to elaborate when I'm not so sleepy and have more time.

get ready for a long one. but a good 'un. ;-)
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[Monday August 29th, 2005 ]

i'm quite aware that i need to fix the HTML for the links at the top of our page.

i'll do it when i'm not feeling so sleepy.

13days until Sufan.
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new sufjan community [Sunday August 28th, 2005 ]

[ mood | awake ]

i made this, not to take members away from the other community, just to serve as another community for Sufjan Stevens. I was getting a little annoyed at everything going on, and I don't think I'm the only one. I made this so we could have a community with, perhaps not as much conflict.

Plus, there is a lot of people who've joined the other community and don't even participate. I want a fun community that has to do with my favorite thing in the entire world; Sufjan's music.

I hope no one takes any offense to me creating this community. However, feel free to voice your opinions about it, if you DO think there is a problem.

I don't really see anything wrong with having more than one community created for a certain artist.

p.s. i'm not going to try to persuade anyone to join this new community. I have a feeling that may just create more conflict. Whoever finds this, finds it! oh ... all right maybe I'll tell a few people :-p

have no fear

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